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Notice of discontinuation
24.10.2019 The flow computer of the Series GDR 1404, GDR 1407, GDR 1408 are no longer available.
The devices are replaced by the successor of series GDR 1501. >> more

The Data Communication Module DataCont DC 6000 is no longer available.
A replacement is not defined.

04.10.2018 The series PMO 2160 cannot be produced any longer due to an unavailable electronic part.
A replacement for the series PMO 2160 cannot be offered.
01.11.2015 The universal buffer stage TR 1702 are no longer available. The device is replaced by the successor TR 1703. >> more
31.12.2012 The fluidistor gas flow meter GD 100, as well as the compact fluidistor gas flow meter LRM-SF2 are no longer available. The devices are replaced by the new fluidistor gas flow meter GD 300 and compact fluidistor gas flowmeter GD 500. In addition to the benefits of the fluidistor measuring principle, the new devices have more advantages over the old design. >> more


The gas mass flowmeter ECOFLOW with the GDR 1401 unit is no longer available. Integrated components can no longer be obtained from the market. Tests with successors were unsuccessful.

We will present a new solution in the near future based on the GDR 1400 series in combination with an improved sensor technology.


The production of the universal frequency transmitter FMP 1814 had to be stopped due to the discontinuation of an electrical component of our sub-supplier. We have tried to find an alternative component but no adequate solution was found.

The new 2-Channel Frequency Transducer FMP 1834 with recognition of direction of rotation and limit value monitoring is the successor of the device FMP 1814.

The device is available from quarter 03-2017.
Further information see datasheet. >>more

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